Thursday, February 15, 2018


Eyes like stars that light up gloomy skies, 

She is fire to my skin on an icy cold, winter night.

Lips like a lullaby singing sweet melodies to a child,

She is peace to my soul when I am in the midst of a raging sea.

Skin as soft as petals of a freshly bloomed lily,

She is the final note to my life song's symphony.

Yet She...

She is imperfect in every sense of the word.

Flawed by heartbreaks,

beautifully broken like pieces of a stained glass window.

Damaged goods to others,

yet pure as gold from Bechuanaland to me.

And when she laughs, it gives my heart a rhythm

It makes it dance, skip and sometimes sprint.

Did I forget to mention she is mine?


Monday, May 15, 2017


I’ve been here before…
A place called happy.
Where walls are painted in colorful emotions and the roof is made of sturdy hope.

Haven’t I been here before?
These paths seem so familiar but the crossroads leave me confused
Because this place, though brand new, has a certain knowingness.

Wait…I may have been here before,
But THIS is nothing like what I thought I had.
I once had a place called happy
 but now YOU, you are my happy.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Matters of the Heart

She sat motionless in the bus as the conductor's voice drowned her barely audible sobs.
She paid no attention to the annoying creaking sound of the seats as she stared into space with one thought her mind.

He was gone.

She couldn't believe he was gone for a whole year and she didn't
get to say goodbye.
She didn't get to hug him fiercely  one last time till he returns.
She didn't get to say how he makes her feel, gosh! her heart leaps when she's with him despite how infuriating he can be.

He was gone.

Their last conversation had been nothing but sour.
They were supposed to spend some time together and she had plans to show him exactly how he makes her feel.
But then he never showed up.
For three days, she waited for an explanation but was answered with deafening silence.
Not a word from him. No call, no message.

Now he is gone.

Her last words to him were laced with anger and disappointment.
He had listened but never replied. She didn't expect him to,  although she hoped he would
She also didn't know he would be gone soon.

Tonight, her pillow will be drenched in tears as she nurses her broken heart.
It appears she fell in love and had her heart broken but didn't know through it all.

She always thought she'd know when she falls in love..

Monday, November 14, 2016

My Familiar Stranger

There was something strikingly familiar about him.

The first time he approached me, he told me he wanted my heart,
and all he wanted in return was for his to be mine.
He wooed me with sugar-coated words,
courted me with his hearty laughter.

His laughter was deep and sonorous,
just like that of my father.

I fell hard, I fell fast.
We exchanged vows, made solemn promises before God and family.
"To have and to hold through life's ups and downs,
for better, worse and the worst,I will honour and love you as my wife.
Forever and a thousand years."

This was his vow to me.

But he lied.
He didn't want my heart, he wanted my sanity.
He didn't want a wife, he wanted a slave.
His sonorous laughter suddenly became sinister and his sugar-coated words became gunshots aimed to break my spirit.
He taunted me, mocked and threatened me.

He reminded me of my father.

I watched myself slowly become the woman my mother once was.
The woman she wrestled and finally killed after she left my father.
The institution I had thought was marriage, had become a prison cell guarded by fear.
My husband wanted to be god in a world where I was to be slave.

And then it struck me...

There was something strikingly familiar about him.
I should have recognised him from the moment he said hello.
He wasn't just a familiar stranger, he was my familiar stranger.
He was my father. I fell in love with my father...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Your Eyes

Your eyes...
They tell me stories about you.
Your passions and desires,
Your dreams and aspirations,
Your fears and inhibitions, 
Your vices and hobbies,
It's all there...written boldly in your eyes.

It's the way they light up when you see me and dim when I have to be away.
It's how they well up in tears when you are upset and sparkle like stars when you are excited.
It's the way they silently whisper sweet words like " You are my everything" and more.
So the next time you ask me what I love about you,
Believe me when I say...your eyes.

Monday, November 23, 2015

For Paris

It was a serene atmosphere
Laughter, romance and love in the air
Soft music filled the background
Sweet melody, melodic symphony was the sound

Then suddenly... BANG!  BANG!! BANG!!!
The room was raided by a terrorist gang
Fear became the music, death became the sound
Shots were fired, lovers and friends falling to the ground
Human bombs began to detonate
smiling at the heavens like it was their fate

126 people badly injured...most were found dead
In one night, Paris became a city to be feared
For the lives lost and families hurt because of that day
We can do nothing but bow our heads and pray...