Monday, December 3, 2012

Partners of A Goodbye Kiss

My apologies for the dormancy of late, I have been a little occupied with a lot! But be rest assured that The Livid Ink will be less inoperative hitherto. I have decided to feature at least two guest poets every month as a way of showcasing and encouraging other creative writers like me. So, here is a poem by my very first guest writer who happens to be a dear friend and an excellent poet. The poem is titled Partners of A Goodbye kiss and I personally find his style of writing quite remarkable and mind-blowing.....okay I guess I should let you guys be the judge of that. Do enjoy!

En route from school I trotted,
Heaving, breathing upon the road I traveled,
Despising distance,
Despising heat,
My despair I did contain,
My justification, my home to attain.
Crowded Streets, not uncommon,
Till a hand, my chest met, spot on,
"Gbenga!" I did hear him speak,
To startle me, his manner did not quit,
Surely upon my face,
Effused my scorn,
At the stranger, who took to pardon my frown.
A smile here,
an apology there,
Moved he to laugh off the matter,
Then playfully, my leg, assaulted he,
Quipping, "but I be mistaken, why scorn me?"
Like two locks in a kiln,
Went his hands upon me,
Upon my leg, they did fasten,
Till my fluster, I could not retain,
My leg from hugger I moved to abstain.
Strong was his grip,
Yet I proved stronger,
Shove me he did,
And him, I did shove back,
Till my senses did recommit,
And it bothered me,
Why he took to trouble me.
Danger, was the thought,
The nature of this knot,
And from my right pocket,
I felt some hand collect,
Money and phone, did slip from me,
Oh dear!
It was a robbery.
Then moved I, to retain phone on me,
Upon his heels, the fiend took to flee,
'ere I could count myself assailed,
Atop a bike, my foe did sail,
Oh that time would save me one moment,
That I may observe but one union,
The partners of his goodbye Kiss,
An indelible print of my fist, Upon the scoundrels cheek. 

'Gbenga Ajiboye.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Adopted

Knees bent, eyes to the sky I pray
All my troubles at your feet I lay
I gave in to my desires, became an ally to my lust
Forgetting all is vanity and my body is mere dust
Yesterday the world was mine, its glory and wonder
Today I am prodigal, longing for the arms of the Father
How could I be clueless, blind-sighted, ignorant!
Rejecting to be called daughter,pleased with the position of servant
Incorrigible was I, recalcitrant and lost
Yet He showed me love, His one and only son the cost
So I stand here unashamed to say I'm a new born
A new born in Christ Jesus, free from sin and the devil's scorn
He says His yoke is easy,the weight of His burden light
He wants you,loves you and won't give up without a fight
I have decided to fight for Him because I was once in your shoes
Until You are broken and His priceless gift of love you choose

Monday, November 5, 2012

Trapped in Antarctica

I long to hold your hand every second of my life
I long to give your lips laughter, your eyes smiles
I know it sounds cliche, but would you be my wife?
Because for you, just for you...I'll cover miles...
I will be Sinbad and sail the seven seas
I'll do all this and more, if you say yes please..

But I hope in vain,trapped in Antarctica
For she is duchess of ice,queen of her city of frost
if wishes were birds, I'll fly away with her
To a place where wishes were really birds and scars were dust
For behind her bars of icy wounds,behind the cold pack
Is a heart yearning love, frigid from years of lack

I will start today by holding her hand
I will make a fool of myself just to make her laugh
And when the times is right, I will buy a golden band
Because believe it or not, she's my better half
I love her, you see...with my heart and all my being
My dear Antarctica, your heart is mine for the keeping

A Disjointed Melody

What if this letter i wrote you was my last?
What if i told you, you are my past?
What if i said i never loved you?
What if my affections were untrue?
What if the one i love is with another?
What if i die,would he even bother?
The questions i ask run a race
But the answers you give move at your pace
Your hatred for me is quite evident
Your love for her,i can do none but resent
You love her,he loves me or so it seems
I love you ,he has no clue what this means
He is my past ,You are my future
I await your love,my heart yours to capture
Till then,i shall sing this disjointed melody
Until you hear my heart's cry and I'm yours finally.

A Widow's Smile

Twenty five years was just yesterday
We were giddy in love, my heart raced
When you said 'Hello' 'twas like a golden ray
You asked me to be yours in words laced
Words coated with truth and forever..

Twenty five years of good and bad
Three boys, two girls with your kind eyes
In your words, you quipped 'Can I play Dad'?
but you did great, you never told me lies
As you stood by me with truth and forever..

Twenty five years is today
I stand here with only memories
I look at your face where you lay
A plastered grin on your lips of cherries
It's the last I'll see of you..till forever..

Whispers of the Street

Hands stretched out,diseased and broken
Eyes hungry, filled with words unspoken
'Five Naira ma, ten Naira sir' they say
The streets their stage, their mendicity the play

It's a one man audience as I look through my window
'I need your help sir' one pleads 'I am a widow'
But will my fifty Naira get her off the road?
Or do I say 'I have none, silver or gold'...

Tears sneak around the corners of my eyes
Can't we all hear their pleas, their cries?
We are deaf to the song of the mendicant street
As the rich get richer while the poor kiss their feet

I take a walk back in my mind to the widow
Whose simple request I couldn't bring myself to follow
Can their stories be changed by you or me?
We are the revolution, we are the key...

Welcome to my Blog

So i know what's trending these days is blogging....everyone wants to have a blog. I initially didn't want to share my emotions,thoughts and preoccupations with the world via blogging but its easier here. I have never been one to voice out my emotions but trust me when a pen in the hands of an imaginative mind meets a paper....the rest is what you are about to read here. Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood, i want you guys to experience the power of words as i attempt to relay emotions through them :)
i leave you with this quote by T.S Eliot