Monday, December 3, 2012

Partners of A Goodbye Kiss

My apologies for the dormancy of late, I have been a little occupied with a lot! But be rest assured that The Livid Ink will be less inoperative hitherto. I have decided to feature at least two guest poets every month as a way of showcasing and encouraging other creative writers like me. So, here is a poem by my very first guest writer who happens to be a dear friend and an excellent poet. The poem is titled Partners of A Goodbye kiss and I personally find his style of writing quite remarkable and mind-blowing.....okay I guess I should let you guys be the judge of that. Do enjoy!

En route from school I trotted,
Heaving, breathing upon the road I traveled,
Despising distance,
Despising heat,
My despair I did contain,
My justification, my home to attain.
Crowded Streets, not uncommon,
Till a hand, my chest met, spot on,
"Gbenga!" I did hear him speak,
To startle me, his manner did not quit,
Surely upon my face,
Effused my scorn,
At the stranger, who took to pardon my frown.
A smile here,
an apology there,
Moved he to laugh off the matter,
Then playfully, my leg, assaulted he,
Quipping, "but I be mistaken, why scorn me?"
Like two locks in a kiln,
Went his hands upon me,
Upon my leg, they did fasten,
Till my fluster, I could not retain,
My leg from hugger I moved to abstain.
Strong was his grip,
Yet I proved stronger,
Shove me he did,
And him, I did shove back,
Till my senses did recommit,
And it bothered me,
Why he took to trouble me.
Danger, was the thought,
The nature of this knot,
And from my right pocket,
I felt some hand collect,
Money and phone, did slip from me,
Oh dear!
It was a robbery.
Then moved I, to retain phone on me,
Upon his heels, the fiend took to flee,
'ere I could count myself assailed,
Atop a bike, my foe did sail,
Oh that time would save me one moment,
That I may observe but one union,
The partners of his goodbye Kiss,
An indelible print of my fist, Upon the scoundrels cheek. 

'Gbenga Ajiboye.