Monday, October 14, 2013

The Unborn's Plea

I lay in a sack, wet cold and alone
My eyes are heavy from the pressure of the sea I lay in
My ears pick up sounds, whispers and words not my own
Sounds of laughter, sometimes tears that get me thinking
Get me imagining, dreaming and wanting more than this hole
This hole that has been home for two weeks and some days
But soon, in nine months I shall be discovered and discover
The world outside this hole that seems to please and amaze

I've been here, three weeks now and counting
But the person above me seems troubled, alone and sad
I hear sobs, sniffs sometimes wailing
Trepidation embraces me, I know this feeling I've never had
I feel love, warmth from a hand placed on my wall
I also feel sadness and indecision, but mostly regret in all
As she takes a deep breath that feels like a wind on my skin
Taking the only road she believes is right though a sin

I knew the sure eventuality of her decision
I knew my dreams of seeing the world outside this hole was a never
As I felt the cold steel pierce into my heart with precision
My pleas and cries were the words of a mute silenced forever
Mom I will never utter, Dad I will never see
Laughter I shall never make, a person I shall never be
For an idea I have become, flushed away and spat upon
My identity for eternity will be that of the unborn.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Beneath the Smoked Glass

Greetings folks!

 Its been ages since I posted something here and trust me,it hasn't been 100% my fault, just about

Well, I am an aunt now to the cutest nephew ever (his name is Semiloba and he could be a handful). So I have not had a lot of time on my hands (plus I was under some self-reconstruction). But enough said! all that really matters is I'm back!

 I have learned it really isn't about how hard you fall or how you fail but how you pick yourself up and rise again. I couldn't help but notice that I have over 2000 page views even while this blog was inactive and that motivated me to pick up writing again.

Here is a piece I put together and I mean that...I actually put this poem together for my bounce back.

Please do enjoy and share your thoughts! God bless!


Somewhere between  good and bad, he stands
Somewhere between the old and the new, he hides
Somewhere between right and wrong, he is discovered
Confused and alone beneath the smoked glass

Somehow he never really let go of his past
Somehow his present could not satiate his desires
Somehow he forgot the identity and inheritance he acquired
As he relished the moments beneath the smoked glass

Slave to dark, Son to light
Believer by day, deceiver by night
This was the paradox that was his life
Trapped in a world beneath the smoked glass

Life or death is his to choose
If he does the latter, his soul and paradise he will loose
But two masters, in truth, he cannot have
For lost he shall be beneath the smoked glass