Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Valentine Triple Delight

Happy Valentine's day dearly beloved!

Never really been a fan of this day set aside for girls to exploit guys and guys to take advantage of naive and gullible girls but I have always been and will always remain a big fan of LOVE!

In the words of the great writer, William Shakepeare: ''Doubt that stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth moves his aides, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love''. I believe in love and I am yet to see or understand love like the love of the Father. Love personified was He, his son as a man....Jesus on the cross with tender eyes and water from His sides, vulnerable and selfless was He...brutally beaten as I stared on clueless and lost until it dawned on me this act of love was His gift to me..undeserving was I but He went through with it.

So while we are busy celebrating and appreciating our loved ones today, let us remember that our one true lover is Jesus. For no man has done what He did, so take out time and appreciate the radical gift of love He gave *wink*  1Cor 13:13.

So, I was going through the clutter in my house and I found a journal I kept when I was but a teen and right there were two poems I had apparently written for my future husband (quite hilarious).

So, I thought to myself "Why don't I share it on The Livid Ink?"

 Please bear in mind, I was young when they were written so stifle your laughter but do enjoy. Also featured on this post is a poem by a friend of mine ( I never knew I had so many talented friends), titled St Valentine.

Feast your eyes lovers!

For Him

Your toes may be crooked....
each one having an irregularity to the next
Your hands may not be pretty....
like the ones I dream of on my face
Your face may be a regular....
features not that of a movie star...
But you have been made for me
to complement me and be there for me
because you are my heartbeat,
the finishing line to this artwork
You may not know this but it is true
You are like to my skin, a tatoo..
and with toes crooked,hands unpretty
You are beautifully imperfect...perfect just for me!

The Wait

There were many, trust me there were
I was impatient, sometimes tempted
Intolerance almost got the best of me
but three words crept of comfort...
Wait for Him....

Holding on like it was my last breath
each second crawling, each minute flying
The Lord was at those moments my strength
making sure I understood why I had to wait
singing that sweet lullaby with an underlay of honey
Do wait for him....

Now here you are, here we are....
arms entwined, hearts inseparable
you are my everything, even much more
who I was, I am so much more
lying with you, I am at heaven's door
cos you are not, just my soul mate
you are everything, worth the wait.

ST Valentine

They said he was a martyr
some said he was a saint
others said he ws human

Much speaking of a day, much saying for a day,
much ado about a day that the world stands to know.
Love's language sounds so loud that all beckon to sing it,
Love's song rings so high that all lingers to listen.
Love's speech made of eloquence that the learned stand in awe

Love is greater than a day's act
Love is mightier than a romantic rose
Love is bigger than a teddy bear
Love's pudding more than a pastry cake

Love is a person
Evolving from a life
made available at calvary's cross whoever will come and drink.

Love covers all sin
Love tenderly leads to the heart to add value to another
Love thinketh no evil
Love pays no attention to a suffered wrong
Love takes no account of evil done
Love patiently endures
Love quietly listens
Love kindly corrects
Love lives forever....

So the day settles in at the dusk of love and the exchange of gifts a bundle loads....

Lover's day is beyond a day
Lover's day transcends a month
Lover's day exceeds the  ecstacy that beclouds the lover birds
Lover's day- a daily life in a Love being.

Tope Olufiranye

Monday, February 4, 2013

The White Collar's Folly

Last night I sold my thoughts for a penny
to the beggar cross-legged on the side of the alley,
His confusion and bewilderment couldn't contain my folly
As I shared my insanity, quickly but slowly.

Successful was I, yet my greed was unholy
ambition, an ally, became my arch enemy,
I gambled and played, losing my life's worth sourly
until I was left high and dry with nothing but my cupidity.

So pray, do tell wise one who earns humbly
The art of your income that leaves you so giddy
The beggar wearing a grin, looked at me shrewdly
''You are a fool'' he said the ''answer is your folly!''