Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Silhouettes of the Sky

For me, Poetry has always been one of the most powerful tools of communication and expression. The use and play of words still remain intriguing to me, an art that only the witty, imaginative and creative can master and employ. We see poems such as On the Pulse of the morning by the legendary Maya Angelou which was read at the inauguration ceremony of President Bill Clinton challenge and move nations. Leopold Sedar Senghor, John Pepper Clark, David Diop,William Shakespeare, Wole Soyinka...these great men motivated, inspired and encouraged their societies with words that became powerful, mind blowing and unforgettable poetry. Here is a poem by a friend of mine titled Silhouettes of the Sky.... do enjoy!

Its been raining a lot lately
But I’ve only heard the sound faintly
Sometimes I wish it could rain louder
Maybe then I’ll wake from my slumber

At first it drizzled,and I felt happiness
It wasn’t much, but it rinsed my emptiness
My heart drummed at the sound of the storm
And then I knew there were torrents to come
When it started raining,I knew it was ecstasy
Clearly, this wasn’t a fantasy

And even if it were, I didn’t want to lose this vanity
Not unless it threatened my sanity
Then it started pouring
And I knew I was in for a reckoning
Finally, love was beckoning

This is one weather I never miss
Even though it brings such peace
Torrents of emotions pouring
Causing my heart to be soaring
And it all started with an innocent text
From one heart to the next
From me to you

Uwem Ekanem

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sexual Healing

Happy New Year everyone!

 I am so grateful to God and thankful for your support last year in making The Livid Ink a success. Trust me ,and this isn't cliche, without you guys this blog will be useless and pointless, so my gratitude to all who read and share with others. Much love.

Last year, I came across this very talented Christian poet and I just think he is graced with words and rhymes straight from! Like literally downloaded from heaven and I thought I should share some of his works here.

Here is one of his many works titled Sexual Healing albeit I did a little tweaking here and there because it is quite lengthy.


Lets look at this subject, I will tell you why i am disgusted
So today, it looks like Sex will be our topic of discussion
Listen Sex isn't evil, for marriage is why God made it
But I know you are like 'Come on mehn!,that is too outdated'
This is 2013 bro, we do it for recreation
And if you are in college, you do it while you are wasted
But I want to question this logic, I want to pop off this seal
I want to question something that we think it is already a done deal

Take a rape victim for example and when its revealed
After the bruises go away, is she totally healed?
Now the damage is can see it in her eyes
But if it was built for recreation, why did it ruin her life?
If Sex was just for fun why does it take such a toll?
Maybe its cause you don't just have Sex with her body
You also have Sex with her soul.

So for me,there is no premarital loving
and its not just cause I want babies in the oven
Its cause I am staying pure till the day that I'm a husband
But you see this wasn't always me, that's a guarantee
Lets go back to the past and see who I used to be
Growing up I never learnt how to treat a lady
If I learnt one thing from my dad,it was leave the mum..ditch the baby

I let the TV show me what the music already told me
No Dad at home, so I was letting MTV mould me
And they sold me which is why my life revolved around what girl I could get next
My life revolved around this girl called Sex
It seems the longer we dated,the bigger the mess
Then my girlfriend was late on that time of the month
If you know what I mean you'll understand why my heart sunk

I started to think about abortion,I started to butter it up
Its funny they don't make condom for sin,you can't just cover it up
It was just a scare but I knew a Father I didn't want to be
Its funny how I was pro-life till it happened to me
Dudes don't pressure her when she says stop it
You are not a man,you are just a boy who can shave and that's your cover
Because if you don't respect her when she says stop it, you certainly don't love her

Start studying her heart and stop studying her booty
Touch her heart and mind first before you think about touching her body
Cause she longs to be accepted, she longs to be loved
so she gives herself up to another guy's lust
She's like I don't want to but its just too tempting
So she keeps opening up the box just to find out its empty
She keeps getting rejected by all these dudes
they tell her on a scale of one to ten, she's a two

But that isn't true,if she only knew,
That Jesus,He loves and accepts us
Even when you don't want Him he'll never reject us
He heals us from that sin that totally infects us
And He does what condoms can't,He emotionally protects us
We touch the forbidden fruit not realising its poison ivy
till we are numb and itchy and end up with a distorted psyche
Don't think you can 'Just do it' like your name was Nike
oblivious that the consequences of your actions are very pricey

Read John chapter 8,the woman caught in adultery
The religious leaders threw her naked in the temple as she yells don't murder me
They say 'Jesus,the law commands us to stone her' and you can hear the hate in their tone
Jesus pauses and says, 'whoever is without sin...Cast the first stone'
Can you imagine the sound? silence all around
You could hear footsteps walk away as stones hit the ground
Jesus kneels down,the woman thought it was her demise
He lifts up her face you could see the grace in His eyes

He said ''I don't condemn you,go and sin no more
I love you,I accept you...mercy is yours
But if you are anything like me, I'm sure you are like "that can''t be''
Why would He, ever die for me?
But then I saw that scene where I was redeemed
He reached out and touched me and said ''Jeff,you are free''
Instantly I was wearing the brightest robe you have ever seen
I was perfectly spotless,I was perfectly clean
So think twice before you eat what you desire,He feeds us
Come follow the King,His name is Jesus

Jefferson Bethke