Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ebony's Pride

I am fierce, I am dark
I am a word that fought back
I am a nation, I am a people
I am a colour, I am black

I am a race, I am a continent
I am resilient, I am pertinent
I am beautiful no! I won't hide
I stand tall, I'm Ebony's pride

Apartheid I fought, my name is Mandela
12 years a slave, yes! I am Lupita
I am skin thick, I am colour proud
My beauty's song, I will sing loud

For freedom and hope are my life's story
Alas Victory, my own, I go down in history
As fierce, As dark
As a legend that fought back.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Only time I don’t Jabber

The only time I don’t jabber is when I have a pen to a paper

With fluidity and accuracy like no other, the words flow out smoothly like a river

The only time I don’t stutter is when my knees meet the floor in prayer

With confidence and sheer surety, I converse with a loving and true Deity

The only time I don’t falter is when I’m tucked safely in the arms of a gracious Father

With radical love and tender kindness, He holds me intently and calls me daughter

The only time I don’t flounder is when I'm walking in the footsteps of Abba

With sturdy legs that go on forever, I walk in confidence not like dear Peter

The only time I am a racer is when I take long walks with the one , true Alpha

This is the only time I am free

This is the only time I am me

Spending time with Yahweh is the only time I don't jabber.