Friday, January 27, 2017

Matters of the Heart

She sat motionless in the bus as the conductor's voice drowned her barely audible sobs.
She paid no attention to the annoying creaking sound of the seats as she stared into space with one thought her mind.

He was gone.

She couldn't believe he was gone for a whole year and she didn't
get to say goodbye.
She didn't get to hug him fiercely  one last time till he returns.
She didn't get to say how he makes her feel, gosh! her heart leaps when she's with him despite how infuriating he can be.

He was gone.

Their last conversation had been nothing but sour.
They were supposed to spend some time together and she had plans to show him exactly how he makes her feel.
But then he never showed up.
For three days, she waited for an explanation but was answered with deafening silence.
Not a word from him. No call, no message.

Now he is gone.

Her last words to him were laced with anger and disappointment.
He had listened but never replied. She didn't expect him to,  although she hoped he would
She also didn't know he would be gone soon.

Tonight, her pillow will be drenched in tears as she nurses her broken heart.
It appears she fell in love and had her heart broken but didn't know through it all.

She always thought she'd know when she falls in love..


  1. She really didn't know she had "fallen" in love?
    But "They were supposed to spend some time together and she had plans to show him exactly how he makes her feel."....
    Kinda makes it look like she knew....

  2. We truly do not know what we have until we lose it..

  3. Beautiful piece Banke
    I'd definitely reference if/when I steal it :D
    Sure you know what I mean ;)

  4. Awww. Beautiful! Just... beautiful!!

  5. tried not to cry
    ...ends up crying alot

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