Monday, October 12, 2015

Dear Steve

Dear Steve,

I write you this letter not in disdain
but with a heart flooded with unmitigated pain
With love I cuddled you fiercely when you were born
I had tarried for years and finally, God gave me a son
I was no longer ridiculed by society, I was no longer mocked
For though my daughters were pretty, your unexpected birth had left them shocked.
I watched you grow to be a young, dashing, charming  teenager
and yes, I recall those times you jokingly called me a nagger

Of course, I had to nag you to be all you could be,
Don't you know you are the best thing that ever happened to me?
Not only are you the spitting image of your father
You are kind, loving, generous like your dear mother
I remember your high school days in King's College, Victoria Island
and how your dad and I beamed with joy when you told us you had joined the band
You were my boy, my son, my obi ! But today...the case is sadly the reverse
As you leave me scorned with this news so perverse

How is it possible you feel such unholy desire for a man?
Why have you suddenly decided to distort God's original plan?
How can you tell me I gave birth to you this way?
What did I ever do to make you go astray?
My questions will forever remain unending
and the pain worsens each passing day as you plan your wedding
Oh Steve! please... there has to be another way
As I have refused to accept that my only son is gay


  1. This is a deep pain been felt by a mother over a son's man was born gay its a trick of the devil from the pit of hell God created Eve for Adam not Adam for Adam.

    1. please grow up, this a mother who is finding out her only son is gay, the last thing she needs right now is comments like this, if you don't know all the things that gay people have to through, you wouldn't be saying this non sense. I'm catholic and gay and no it is not contradictory being christian and not love your neighbor as yourself is. i did not choose this life, i tried so many times to have a "Normal" life but it just doesn't work, it would be selfish of me being with someone just to be "normal". i 'll hurt them and hurt myself as well, if i do something like that.
      it is not about sex and it is not about a member. it's about who your heart choose to love. I'm 28 years old and yesterday i heard the words i wanted to hear 12 years ago. " it doesn't matter who it is, as long is a good person, if you are happy i'm happy" and of course those words came out from my Mother's mouth (she is catholic and very serious about it) it was hard for her, my family and myself to accept that i'm gay. i "tried not to be gay", but it is something i don't choose. it just happens. God Bless this mother and guide her in this difficult moment for her.