Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Rope

He sat and stared at the rope for days
It stared back at him, with a sly grin and a mocking gaze
He knew his thoughts were wrong
He thought he was really strong
But he felt his life had no iota of hope
So he decided to sell it to the rope


  1. Beautiful, so well written. Love it...

  2. Succinct but full of meaning as an egg is full of meat

  3. When words just sorta grab you and throw you... Good job

  4. This has a deep meaning. Never sell your life to the rope because as long as there is life there is hope. look up to heaven and you will have a restoration of hope

  5. Life sold to the rope
    Where there is no hope
    When he could have stayed strong
    But all he did was wrong
    Now the heavens and the earth gaze at him
    And wonder what a wasted life all because he couldn't see beyond the present .
    The end of a short sighted man.

  6. The pain of the moment remains transient. It should never be traded for a passage from time... The phase will pale away... The pain will pass away... Life's worth far exceeds the aches from pain...

  7. I know right? The real victory is not giving in.

  8. he untied the noose and turned it into a skipping rope as his hope and joy were renewed...or so he thought. Does one skip along to life and time or swing to it like a pendulum? Eventually all will be still one way or the other.

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